Erect On Demand Review – Does It Help For Erectile Dysfunction Or Not?

The victims of erectile dysfunction are so many. Some of them chose to spend thousands of dollars on expensive medicines, treatments, surgeries and what not. While the rest, embarrassed to express, continue the life with it.

Either way, it’s a bad deal. This is not a problem for which you need to spend so much. Also, if you can’t afford to spend so much money on it, there is no need to. No one is compelling you. So what is the solution? If this is what you are thinking, then I have some good news for you.

Before telling you the solution, it is important to remove all the misunderstandings about erectile dysfunction. Do you agree? Well, many of you will agree. So let’s start with the basics so that all the readers would know what are we talking about.

Erectile dysfunction is an inability to get or prolong an erection which is required for a satisfying sexual intercourse. Sometimes you don’t get the erection to the start, or you may lose it in-between the sex. You wouldn’t be able to enjoy your private moments. Imagine how embarrassing would it be? If erectile dysfunction is not treated, it may lead to impotence too.

So how would you know if it is erectile dysfunction or not? Why is it caused? How can you help it? How severe is your condition and how to treat it? Well, all these answers will require hours and hours of Google search. It will eventually make you lethargic. So you need a complete guidebook which has all the necessary answers. That’s where “Erect On Demand” is required by you.

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This article will explain what is Erect On Demand about and why should you buy it.

Brief Description

Product Name: Erect On Demand

Product Author: Josh Harding

Type of product: Digital Book

Official Website: Yes  

Genre: Health  

What Is Erect on Demand?

Erect On Demand is a digital book also called “ebook.” The author of this book is Josh Harding. It has all the details on erectile dysfunction. It has information for people who don’t know what this problem about is. It also tells you to help this issue by yourself with the aid of natural remedies.

It is downloadable and is only available online.  It has some interesting information to share such as the ultimate boner brew cocktail recipe for the strongest erection ever. Josh, the writer of this ebook strongly supports the NATURAL WAY instead of using chemicals. He believes that you must take help from nature of all the problems including erectile dysfunction.

The book has recipes which use simple ingredients at an adorable price. One of the best promises made by the author is to teach how this book will help to increase size, strength, girth and erection.

Who Is Josh Harding?

Josh Harding is the author of this book. He was a sufferer of erectile dysfunction years ago. By profession, he is a professor of history which intrigued his interest to take help from the ancient things and what could be more ancient than mother nature?. He works at a local community college in Michigan.

To treat his problem, he started reading and research to find the best herbs for it. He went to Peru and spent time there to relate the working of human body and nature. He found that men of Peru have the highest sexual stamina and hence further studied their diet, herbs and food patterns. With all this information and processed knowledge, Josh wrote the best remedies to get help in erectile dysfunction naturally.

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Explaining The Book

The primary goal of this book is to provide help in erectile dysfunction. However, if you want to improve your sexual stamina and strength, this book can be of great help. It adds confidence to you.

There are several recipes in it which reverse the condition of weakness and gain back the strength for you. All the recipes have ingredients which are easily available. You don’t have to put extra effort to find them. The making process is easy, and above all, all this process is cost effective.

Using these recipes increase your sex drive, enhance masculine strength, strong erections, improved sexual life and better health. It doesn’t only have recipes. The additional thing is small tips and tricks which will spice up your sexual life. In the end, you will be able to enjoy all the goodness of life with your loved ones.

What Are The Features Of This Program?

The best features, which can help maximum people are as following.

  • 1-minute miracle

This is one of the most popular parts. This is a specialized technique to attain a strong and long lasting erection.

  • 3 Little Known Pleasure Centers

This section tells you about the secrets of the human body. It has all the details to unlock the deepest pleasure through the body parts and how to arouse them. It ensures maximum joyful and steamy sex.

  • 21 Day Challenge

This is a self-made a program to increase the penile sensitivity by 400% only in 21 days. Yeah, it sounds unbelievable, but the chances are that it might work. Since it offers simple steps, techniques, food guides and recipes, so you don’t have to worry about the side effects. It is an improved circulation method which makes blood reach to all cells of the body. The result is the internal strength which also improves the sexual stamina.

  • 5 Tips to Get More Oral

If you are more into oral sex, this section will tell you how to make it better. It has five best tips to enjoy the oral pleasure even more. Once you get to know these little secrets, there is no limit to the joy.


The Bonus Items With Erect On Demand

Erect on Demand has some free items with it. Almost all of them are eBooks which have some informative material in it. However, any detail on them is not available so we cannot comment on them. A list of bonus eBooks is as following.

  • The Titan Stamina
  • Text her panties off eBook
  • Big: Simple exercises to get a super-sized penis
  • Instant orgasm: It contains seven best positions to give her an immediate explosion
  • 33 innocent words that turn her on: You can get her juices flowing in seconds with these 33 words

As per Josh, these extra books are so valuable. If you want to buy them separately, you might have o pay several hundred dollars for them. It is a benefit to get them for free, and you only have to pay for one book which is Erect On Demand.

What Is The Price For Erect On Demand?

The price of Erect On Demand is $69.95. It is quiet high as compared to similar eBooks available in the market. The official website is the only way to place an order. Once you order it, a link will lead you to the payment options. It offers some modes i.e. Visa etc. after payment, you will get the book delivered to you in a few minutes to your email ID.

That email will also have the additional items as an attachment. The website will also offer you similar products to buy such as Testo truth which is a testosterone boosting supplement. However, it is your choice to buy it or not. The book has the 14-day money back guarantee so even after purchase if you feel this is not helpful for you, you can claim for a refund.

The book is published by a US-based company named Altare Publishing. They can be accessed at Also, you can contact the creator of Erect on Demand by writing to

Pros And Cons Of Erect On Demand


  • Easy to access
  • Provides all details on erectile dysfunction
  • Uses nature’s help to treat it
  • Recipes to improve sexual health
  • Tips to spice up sexual life
  • Bonus items
  • Money back guarantee


  • No, follow up details about the author, no picture or information
  • The information used for testimonials mostly appears to be fake i.e. photos.
  • Only available as pdf book, no hard copy

Should You Use Erect On Demand?

All the information given on the official website adds logic to the book. It has a topic to cover which is erectile dysfunction. The approach which the author uses is herbal recipes.

Apparently, it doesn’t sound like an abnormal product. But the thing is there is no detailed scientific analysis of the ingredients which qualify them to be helpful for all. So the chances are that they might work or not work for people. The suspicious things about the product are that the author info and testimonials appear to be nonrealistic.

However, the content of the book doesn’t have any noticeable side effect. Natural doesn’t mean safe for all. But if you are a healthy adult, with no medication of any other medicine, you can try these recipes. The chances are that they will work for you. Your final decision is, however, personal. For more details and ordering, visit the official website today.